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Sugar Scrub

The Sugar Scrub is the ideal exfoliator for sensitive skin and sensitive zones on the body. The Sugar Scrub works nicely on lips and is great to use with facials. A smooth and sweet sugar scrub. Soft and gentle to the touch. A fine grit and the smoothest skin. Great for lips and face or more sensitive regions of the body. Exfoliate after a shave for a nice polished finish.

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Pynk Smoothie Shea Butter

Pynk a soft, velvety shea butter infusion of herbs and Aloe. Rose Quartz Crystal Included for Skin Rejuvenation and Cell Regeneration. Pynk is an aromatic blend of Rose Infused Oil whipped into smooth butter for your body.

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Coffee Scrub

Coffee Brown a moisturizing total body scrub that is great for all bodies. Its softening and soothing and replenishing to the natural oils in the skin. Scented sweetly with citrus notes. The scrub polishes the skin leaving the body feeling moisturized.

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Honey Smoothie

Smoothies are a soft, velvety shea butter infusion of herbs and aloe. The gentle scent of warm honey is nice to embrace. This blend contains fresh aloe for added moisture.

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Herbs from organically certified and wildcrafted resources

First time Living Stone Wellness users should Patch Test their items at home. Patch Testing ensures the products are safe for you to wear. Ingredients are wildcrafted from urban farms, home grown, and sourced from Africa. Products are hand poured for sanitation and good intentions. Each product contains a crystal to promote total wellness.

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Oil Infusions

Body Butters

Basic Body Butter Collection

Natural Butter

Natural Butter is a delightful butter to gently nourish your sweet skins. Good for those experiencing dry skin, Natural Butter is cooling and soothing. Scented sweetly with the freshness of gently squeezed lemons.

Spread Love

Spread Love is a bright and energetic butter for the win! Whipped to perfection, Spread Love easily moves across the body evenly. The butter melts when it begins to feel the warmth of your hands.