Foundations from Africa and the Diaspora

Shea Butters

Natural Butter

Natural Butter is cooling and soothing. Scented sweetly with the freshness of gently squeezed lemons.

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Spread Love

Spread Love is a bright and energetic butter for the win! Smells fondly of water ice and sweet treats.

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Home Grown and Locally Farmed

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Herbal Oil Infusion surrounded by crystals. In the background are additional oils and a pyramid.

Herbal Oil Infusions

The Hair Oil

The Hair Oil is a simple solution for all hair types and textures. The herbal blend includes rosemary to prevent damage to the hair cuticles. Thyme and lavender for growth and lubrication. The oil infusion contains Castor Oil and Vitamin E. 

The Skin Oil

The Skin Oil will have your glowing! Rejuvenate your outer layers and nourish your body. The Skin Oil contains antioxidants, flavonoids, and the blend is also an astringent. Your skin will feel smoother and you will smell great.

The Beard Oil

The Beard Oil is a concoction of herbal leaves and roots to create a blend for a full healthy beard. The beard needs proper hydration and stimulation to grow to its finest. Establish a connection between yourself and your wellness plan.

Herbs from organically certified and wildcrafted resources

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