Pumpkin Pie

For this Season's Collection I'm taking inspiration from the pumpkin spice craze and using warm notes and fragrant spices to create a collection that is sure to bring you a cozy feeling inside and out.

I'm not sure about anyone else but around this time of year my summer skin is fading. While I mourn my tan lines I am also noticing the lack of sunlight is dimming my glow. The brighting energetics of the pumpkin and the positive vibrations surrounding the fruit provided for the intentions of this creation.

This Season everyone is craving pumpkins, so I figured what better place for pumpkin than inside of a Shea Butter. Its important that we all understand why is was a good choice:

According to the International Dermal Institute, pumpkin has numerous skin enriching benefits including:

• Contains fruit enzymes and alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs), which increase cell turnover, to brighten and smooth the skin.

• Contains antioxidant Vitamin A and Vitamin C to help soften and soothe the skin and boost collagen production to prevent the signs of aging.

• Zinc in pumpkin seeds is beneficial for acne sufferers. Zinc helps control hormone levels and oil production, as well as assists with healing of the skin.

• Pumpkin seeds are high in essential fatty acids and Vitamin E, which are necessary to maintain protection of the skin. They also regulate sebum (oil produced by the skin).

• The molecular structure of pumpkin is small and therefore can penetrate deeper into the skin when used topically. This is amazing for treating a dull complexion, aging skin and pigmentation.


Wow! This was a good choice! Considering I was home on a cold windy night during the pandemic of 2020 and the idea of using pumpkins came to me. I can't take all the credit, I mostly thank my ancestors for the idea. Those Blackfoot Cherokee indigenous people that have come from upstate New York and PA that endured countless North American winters. I thank them for this idea.

Pumpkin Pie is whipped with Pumpkins that have been specially prepared to be used for skin care, blended with 100% Raw African Shea butter with Vitamin C and Coconut Oil.

This item is made with fresh ingredients and preserved with natural ingredients. This means there is a shelf life, while appreciate the customer who savors please do not use this after the month of December. Please store in a moderately temperate location so the butter does not melt. If you do not plan to use the item immediately place in the refrigerator or the freezer to deeply preserve the contents.

I am so excited to share this collection with you ! Blessings to all who are here reading this with me today.

Live Well

-With Love Ebriel

Happy Harvest!


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