How It Started

In 2018, I began this process of crafting skin care products. It started one day as I gazed into my reflection applying my makeup. Recognizing the importance of knowing where my products come from has been increasingly important. Learning that common drug store products and even selective brands contain carcinogenic and chemicals that can gradually deteriorate our bodies. Not to mention the struggle to find black owned products that are cruelty free in abundance.

Applying my highlighting powder, I set my face for the day. I made a quick run to the African Cultural Arts Forum, or ACAF for short, a black owned super store. Disclaimer: Truly I would not be successful if not for the support of the ACAF Tribe. I purchased a few materials, empty jars, coconut oils, and shea butter and I returned home to create what became Queen of Earth. 

Queen of Earth was a very smooth and rich butter that was scented with Myrrh and tinted with a chocolate toned reflective mica powder that casted a caramelized glow onto melanin rich skin. I shared my creation on Instagram and immediately sold out! In less than four hours I had a vision and I was able to bring it to life. It was a very powerful moment for me. I felt capable and worthy. Fun Fact: My grandmother had the nickname Myrrh and she was a Capricorn hence the name Queen of Earth.

At the time I operated under the name Indigo Beauty. I used the name Indigo during my time at a salon in New York. Indigo Beauty did not stick and eventually I changed the brand name to Ether Apothecary. Being in such an in-between state felt appropriate. For a little over a year my brand was know as Ether Apothecary. During this time, I took herbal education seriously. Surrounding myself with urban farmers and medicine making collectives. Learning first aid, womb care, and topical solutions for everyday needs. Planting seeds that bloomed into flowers that inspired a movement to a more holistic approach to living. It all started with a notion of living well and considering what ingredients would produce the most wellness. 


Many Thanks for Reading this Post,

Ebriel Rai

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