How Its Going

It's the Year 2020 and the world is burning. Theres chaos and disease everywhere you look and this seems to be the worst times mankind has ever lived in. It's revealed that every aspect of human life has been corrupted. BUT there is a bright side, a MAJOR key. With all of the negativity spreading like madness, we are finding so much value turning within to find guidance and support from our closest loved ones. 

First I must give all Thanks to The Most High, I have not lost a family member, friend nor foe to the Corona Virus. 

During this time, I was turning into myself. Prior I had an awful habit of self sabotaging by putting others needs before mine. Being in business for about a year I still wasn't quite where I wanted to be. Still figuring things out as they say, it's a process. I would vend from time to time for local events, then I tried to partner with others to support their brand or business, and I even created large orders for wholesale spaces. BUT I found myself depleted each time. I had no choice but to fill my well. Sitting with myself I opened to the possibilities of what my brand looked like when I actually gave it what it needed, Me. I had to rethink my business plan and reorganize the models that I had created for products.

What is essential became such an important concept on the daily. Constantly reevaluating what was necessary for my health and wellness. DETERMINED I am not to get sick. I started to consider a few things, like what if we has a people have always been sick. There are ailments and disorders that I believe are intergenerational as well as conditions that I have the capacity to create and sustain. If I can not identify my own wounds and illness, then how can I aid the healing of others? An important question that has opened me up to the process that healing truly brings.

There were things that I experienced that stirred great changes within me. For one I needed to acknowledge my namesake and the power of living in my truth. Deciding to use my name as the name of my brand is a big deal for me. Living Stone Wellness is a title that truly makes me proud. Its intention will allow for the healing and wellness for generations to come. 

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